Boston Bombing

I can’t write. I’m saddened by the Boston bombing. I know that all over the world far from our normally placid and relatively safe and rich countries, tragedies such as this are a regular occurrence whether it starvation, bombings, domestic violence, rape, human trafficking, racism, the list goes on… People live with violence, whether it be in our homes, communities, country or abroad.

Many postings yesterday talked about “keeping things in perspective” to what goes on in the rest of the world. I agree, but a human life is a human life and yesterday’s footage and coverage was like a kick in the stomach. I’m sure that if I woke up every morning to the violent footage from abroad that is a daily happening in some parts of the world, I would find it hard to get up in the morning.

I, like many, are protected from all these events because we live in an amazing country. In order to get up and face the day I conclude that each one of us must start with the ordinary interactions within our own families and spread out from there, doing acts of kindness that I hope spreads out like the wake from a pebble that has landed in a pool of water.

Many said yesterday, the good can overcome, it will outweigh and rise above the evil that cause such tragedies. The people who rush to help, who risk their own lives in the process show that we have not lost our sense of  interdependence and are capable of acts of courage and love. I am no great humanitarian, just an ordinary citizen but hopefully, the small things that I do, have some purpose. When we all do these small things they become very big things. Never forget your power to change the world, one small deed at a time.

This post from Patton Oswalt is my favourite:

From the TED blog: “We love the idea of looking for the helpers. To keep you inspired on a hard day, here are some talks from brave helpers”: