Mumbling percolates downstairs. Staccato chops, chattering, clattering and cupboards slamming. A morning tantrum with pots and pans. The exaggerated sighs as the dishwasher door opens and closes. Disgruntled, resentful washing and scrubbing, self-righteous indignation over yogurt-ed cups with muesli glue. Grunt. And then admonishment, it blasts down the hallway. In the other room someone snickers and shuts the door. The front door crashes shut, then reopens, another garumpf, titter, grind, trip. Toe stubbed. Jacket flies with fulminating accompaniment of Canadian goose horn-blast squawk. Forgets keys. Returns with resignation. Coffee spills, stains, white shirt… brown art. Kid appears, kid disappears back to bed. School will have to wait. Door slams, angry diesel rumbles, backfires, and dies. Truck sits silent. Kid appears, grabs coffee, disappears. Door opens, shuffles down to basement. Door closes. Dog appears. Door opens, dog exits. House silent.