What Did You Do Today?

Fade In:


Husband #1 ( I’m thinking this character title creates suspense …is it her only husband? will she remarry? Is it in fact her husband at all? )

Anyhow, he enters into shabby chic, okay, messy damngoodhousewife’s kitchen.

 H#1:                                              “What did you do today?”


Damn Good Housewife:                         “I thought.”


H#1:                                                 “You thought…?”


DGH:                                                     “I thunk.”


H#1:                                      “What do you mean you thunk?”


DGH:                                          “I sat and thought.”


H#1:                                                “That’s all?”


DGH:                                                 “I sat.”


H#1                                                “You sat?”


DGH:                                         “Actually I sunk.”


H#1:                                       “You sunk what?”


DGH:                           “…in my chair and then I thunk.”


H#1:                                          “Anything else?”


DGH:                                      “Nope. Just thunk.”


CUT TO: Husband #1 trips through basement door, interrupting the dog who submission-pees on floor.

CLOSE SHOT:  H#1’s head. DGH sees the problem of the basement door’s undersized bulkhead but remains silent.


DGH:                                           “Rhymes with…”



Husband #1 hits head.


DGH                                              “Clunk.”


H#1 irritated:                 “What are your plans for tomorrow then?”


DGH:                                “I don’t know, let me think.”

FADE OUT  into ominous and occasionally threatening black.